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Mobility is the future, but currently mobile already plays a critical role in everything from employee productivity to sales enablement and brand awareness, influencing how teams are organized,

Ainjet is developing new unmanned aircraft for science applications and geoscientific research. The major challenge faced by atmospheric scientists working in remote or hostile environments.

Autopilot 2013 is an open-source, open-hardware project aiming at providing a high-end autopilot to the academic, hobby and industrial communities

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Ainjet UAV central control system next-generation UAV autopilot. It is a highly capable platform for multi-rotor craft, helicopters, as well as fixed wing aircraft. Automatically launch and land an aircraft, as part of a mission plan.

Robot aim & MES data collection Working with our manufacturing partners, we delivers technical and application knowledge. On site, we have laboratory facilities to allow materials to be tested and trialled prior to recommendations.

Green house environmental control systems sought after internationally technology. We have dedicated ourselves to deliver the latest green technology that not only save growers time and money but also conserves our environments that surround us.