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Mobility is the future, but currently mobile already plays a critical role in everything from employee productivity to sales enablement and brand awareness, influencing how teams are organized,

Ainjet is developing new unmanned aircraft for science applications and geoscientific research. The major challenge faced by atmospheric scientists working in remote or hostile environments.

Autopilot 2013 is an open-source, open-hardware project aiming at providing a high-end autopilot to the academic, hobby and industrial communities

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Our systems provide you with a future-proof answer to increasingly exacting plant and machinery requirements. Engineered to meet the needs of all industry sectors in a virtually limitless range of tasks, the superiority of our systems provides peak efficiency, extensive flexibility and high cost effectiveness — in every application.

We empower organizations to take full advantage of modern mobility. Built from the ground up to solve the most challenging problems in mobile, our full-service approach and deep domain expertise ensure high-impact solutions for the world’s leading companies.